Preferred Trainer List

Looking for help with specific behaviours, or just looking to brush up on obedience training? We've had great experience with all of the trainers below:

Natalie Little of B.A.R.K Training

  • Private in-home and virtual sessions available.

Best Friends Dog Training

  • Private in-home sessions not available.
  • Private session and group classes (on location) available.

CarolArk Dog Training

  • Private in-home session for specific behaviours and In-home session for basic obedience.
  • Private session (on location) for specific behaviours and 4 training sessions available.
  • Group classes (on location) available.

Around the Flock Training

  • Private in-home and virtual sessions available.
  • Puppy foundation package with 5 training sessions available. 

Kat, Behaviour Tech

  • Virtual sessions available.

Have additional questions, or having trouble choosing? Please give us a call as we'd be happy to discuss your pet's specific needs further.

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