Preferred Trainer & Behaviourist List

Looking for help with specific behaviours, or just looking to brush up on obedience training? We've had great experience with all of the professionals listed below:


People listed in this section are great for basic training, or working on specific behaviours with you and your pet. They can also be extremely useful for continued support when working on more serious behavioural issues.

Natalie Little - B.A.R.K Training

  • Private in-home and virtual sessions available

Rebecca Melanson - Around the Flock Training

  • Private in-home and virtual sessions available
  • Puppy foundation package with 5 training sessions available

Kat, Behaviour Tech

  • Virtual sessions available

Best Friends Dog Training

  • Private session and group classes (on location) available

CarolArk Dog Training

  • Private in-home session for specific behaviours and in-home session for basic obedience
  • Private session (on location) for specific behaviours and 4 training sessions available
  • Group classes (on location) available


Board-certified veterinary behaviourists are veterinarians that have taken additional training in behavioural medicine. They are the gold standard for addressing serious behavioural issues, and they are well versed on behavioural modification techniques as well as the prescription of behaviour modifying drugs. In many cases, a veterinary behaviourist can help create a comprehensive plan, which can then be implemented on your own, or ideally with ongoing help from a qualified trainer.

Dr. Michelle Nicholson - Ottawa Veterinary Behaviour Services

  • Board certified - DVM, MSc, MANZCVS (Veterinary Behaviour)
  • In-person consultations (on location) and virtual sessions also available.

Dr. Ingrid Van Overbeke - Pet Counsellor

  • Belgian trained veterinarian. PhD and postgraduate studies in Companion Animal Behaviour & Welfare
  • In-home consultations and virtual sessions

Have additional questions, or having trouble choosing? Please give us a call as we'd be happy to discuss your pet's specific needs further.

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